Enrique Iglesias Needs His Privacy

was on MuchMusic’s Rick in the Windy City show on Saturday, which took place after Enrique’s concert at Rosemont Theater in Chicago. Enrique spoke about his need for privacy and admitted, “When it comes down to my personal life– I hate talking about it! It really– it embarrasses me and I feel like I need a little bit of privacy. Just so I have that moment for me– you know, that nobody knows about, so that I can go and be by myself. I mean –I wake up in the morning and see three paparazzis in front of my house with cameras, waiting to see if they see me with a girl or with a … –and that just really pisses me off– really pisses me off! I hate being followed– the more people that know about my personal life, sometimes it kinda, you know– it’s kind of scary.”

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