Enrique Iglesias On Britney Spears Tour Bailout

Enrique Iglesias birthday message

was on the phone with Johnjay and Rich of 104.7 KISS FM in Phoenix, where the singer thanked the DJs who frequently talk to him for having him on the radio during the lean years, which isn’t the case now thanks to ‘Tonight’ topping the charts. Enrique also talked about rumors of a judging job on the U.S. version of ‘The X Factor’ and the talk about how he pulled out of the Britney Spears tour as the opening act and the drama that followed. “I wish it hadn’t been announced without the deal really being closed,” Enrique said. “I read reports that my ego is too big that I didn’t want to go on first, which I thought was so unfair. Anyone that knows me, I’ve done co-headline tours before, and I’ve done a million radio shows before. I don’t care about whether I go on first, whether I go last.”

The interview audio at johnjayandrich.1047kissfm.com has since been removed.

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  1. max says:

    we love you Enrique

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