Enrique Iglesias On TRL — No Anna Talk

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to talk about the Video Music Awards that had Jimmy Fallon doing an over-the-top impersonation of him, his upcoming Spanish album, his current tour, and his performance on Fox tonight to help kick off the new NFL season. A subject host Carson Daly was apparently too afraid to ask about was Anna Kournikova, whom Carson himself revealed Enrique was “playing grab ass” with at the VMAs. He did say Anna probably won’t be on anymore videos though with him. For a transcript of the appearance, read on.

Carson: first my guest you know a love him practically a regular around here and has this way with the women ladies and gentlemen, Enrique Iglesias.


Carson: Enrique!

Enrique: How you doin’?

Carson: Very, very good. Look at this out here.

Enrique: Crazy, yeah

Carson: What have they got goin’ on out here ladies, ladies. Please,

Enrique: I think I’m wearin’ the same shirt as last time.

Carson: You don’t remember. Th’s right. You are beginning to be a regular
I mentioned nice to have you back. How are ya.

Enrique: Good.

Carson: How are things.

Enrique: Pretty good.

Carson: You are part of this madness.

Enrique: They came to see bon jovi.

Carson: No they aim came to see you on trl. So i saw you at the .M.A
and actually sat behind you there.

Enrique: Yes.

Carson: And we had a “holla back” question that came in about 20 minutes

Enrique: I saw it.

Carson: And people wanted to know how you felt believe me jimmy pokes
fun at me.

Enrique: I thought it was hilarious for me it was an honor of him to make fun at me. I don’t look at is as making fun. The mole was a bit bigger but.

Carson: He went over the top.

Enrique: He was hilarious, he actually does better than me.

Carson: I thought were you a good sport about it. Sit tight we have
Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland “Dilemma” no. 6 on MTV with Enrique.


Carson: There you go, debuted yesterday and today congratulation a solidified entity into the top 10. Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland “Dilemma” we’ll go ahead and roll no. 5 and continue to talk with Enrique from Britney did you see her at the V.A.M.A.S at all.

Enrique: From far away.

Carson: That dominatrix thing.

Enrique: yeah I’m a big fan.

Carson: Me, too show sold 27 million records officially as a teenager. How many have you sold worldwide do you know.

Enrique: Like 200 million no, 200 copies.

Carson: Just 200 copies.

Enrique: Ha-ha.

Carson: This guy thinks you are hilarious explain outside the big kick-off of the N.F.L. Your involvement is what you are performing.

Enrique: I’m actually performing for 40 minutes. It is cool I’m going to do about 8 songs.

Carson: 8 songs?

Enrique: Yes


Carson: Do you have anything special lineded up because it is like a football event and there are drunk sort of tailgaters out there.

Enrique: I just hope they don’t throw tomatoes at me or beer cans I’m going to try my best to put on a good show


Carson: As he always does. You know this isn’t soccer football.

Enrique: I know. I know.

Carson: Do you have a favorite.

Enrique: I’m ignorant but not that

Carson: Do you like soccer.

Enrique: I like soccer.

Carson: You like soccer football.

Enrique: I grew up playin’ soccer.

Carson: Do you have an N.F.L. Team you root for.

Enrique: Dolphins, I’m from Miami.

Carson: Very good Quddus is wit fan are you ther

Quddus: I’m here with a die-hard Enrique fan, catrina, did you blow off work to see him today.

Fan: Of course I did!

Quddus: You got your priorities straight.

Fan: Absolutely I’m a huge Enrique fan i absolutely love him.

Quddus: You have a question for him right.

Fan: Yes, I do. Enrique your adoring fans over here are curious to know
what’s going on with your next album being Spanish.

Enrique: My next album actually is out September 17th it is a special album more personal than my prior spanish albums and i think, i think I’ve written my best — don’t want to say my best album in spanish but my best 3, 2 songs in Spanish. Sorry so that means it’s my best album, kinda contradicting.

Carson: That means it will be good what’s your deal, young lady.

Fan: My deal?

Carson: Are you havin’ fun down there.

Fan: A blast.

Carson: Are you a big football fan, you look like one.

Fan: Of course. Giants, baby all the way. Giants.

Carson: Do you think they have a shot against the 49ers.

Fan: Of course they do.

Carson: Good. Thank you very much.

Fan: Thank you.

Carson: Would you like to come up and meet Enrique.

Fan: Absolutely. I would love to.

Carson: You’ll lose your spot down there amongst those people.

Fan: He’s worth it, totally worth it.

Enrique: Yeah, tell her to come up.

Carson: Quddus let her come up and say hi when we get back the music
videos in a second this is Good Charlotte still doing very well “lifestyles
of the rich & famous” at 4 on TRL for Thursday. Enjoy it


Carson: I that Good Charlotte video it is perfect in the TRL mix we’re with
Enrique. I nail it every time. He’s in the middle of his tour. How far along on the U.S. Tour.

Enrique: Actually did Montreal the other day now have Washington tomorrow, Boston this weekend Hartford. I’m going to Miami i haven’t played there in a long time.

Carson: It is a zoo right.

Enrique: I haven’t done Miami a bunch of years.

Carson: This should be crazy. Do you do more than one date there because
you are from there.

Enrique: One arena date but the cool thing about this tour after that I’m going to take a long break and don’t know when I’ll tour after that.

Carson: So knowing that you give it 150%.

Enrique: All I can then after this I’m going io the studio and begin
to write a

Carson: When weee your show in a city near us is it a big like pyrotechnics
and chicks dancin’.

Enrique: I got strippers everywhere

there’s …


[Cheering] Son: Say no more.

Enrique: Ha- you are goin’.

Carson: I’ll be your roady let’s read the “holla back” someone writing
it on mtv.Com. I understand it is very quick: What’s the question: Will Anna be on any more videos?

Enrique: No, no she won’t be.

Carson: No more.

Enrique: No. No. I mean, unless she wants to but i don’t think she’s got that bad taste

Carson: The other thi is you have done ver well with the you ladies in your video and should somebody else a shot. There are a lot of women out there


Enrique: Yeah.

Carson: Okay. Listen, i know you’re nuts. check him out our, do it you in because he will take a long break. Thank you for being here, as always.

Enrique: Yes.

Carson: Good luck outside outside in times square later tonight

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