Enrique Iglesias Performs On ‘Today’, Hears Lauer’s ‘Imus Moment’?

Enrique Iglesias 'Today'

performed live on ‘Today’ at the Rockefeller Plaza in New York City on Friday (June 15). Before his ‘Do You Know’ performance, Iglesias spoke with co-host Matt Lauer and had the following interesting exchange:

Enrique: I’m very difficult to put up with.

Matt: I hear that. You’ve got the Latin side to you.

Enrique: What does that mean?

Matt: Kind of a temper streak. You have a temper streak.

Enrique: I hear you’re worse.

Last year California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger got into hot water over similar remarks.

Video of Enrique’s performances of ‘Be With You’, ‘Do You Know’ and ‘Escape’, as well as a post show Q&A at Bing.com has since been removed.

Check out pictures from GettyImages.

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One thought on “Enrique Iglesias Performs On ‘Today’, Hears Lauer’s ‘Imus Moment’?

  1. manwithaplan94 says:

    Fire him too that was a cheap shot!

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