Enrique Iglesias Phones Into MTV’s TRL Friday

Enrique Iglesias phoned in to MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday from his car phone as he was taking his dog to the vet. Enrique talked to Damien about his new Spanish album and resuming his tour in the U.S. later this year. Carson Daly probably would have quizzed Iglesias about the latest Anna Kournikova reports, but newbie Damien played softball. For a transcript, read on.

Damien: All right, people, calm down. Calm down.


Damien: Calm down. Mr. Sexy is about to speak on the phone with Enrique
Iglesias. Wha’ssup.

Enrique: How are you, damien.

Damien: How are you.

Enrique: Pretty good. Pretty good.

Damien: Are you on a speakerphone.

Enrique: No, in the car I’m driving.

Damien: Where to?

Enrique: I’m taking my dog to the vet

Damien: We can’t really — we can’t say anything on air otherwise stalkers
will follow you and stuff.

Enrique: Yeah.

Damien: Your spanish album is out 17th. Tell us about that.

Enrique: Well, i have — i wrote a bunch of songs I’ve been writing
for the last 3 years and, uhm, i just said, you know, why not? It’s a good
time to release it. I haven’t released a spanish album in four years.

Damien: Right.

Enrique: And i think I’ve written good songs and i feel confident that
i can make a good spanish album.

Damien: Okay, cool. You are also going on tour in companion with this
album. The tour will be english from “escape” album, right.

Enrique: Yeah, the tour — i mean, I’ma sing some songs off the Spanish
album but mainly off “Escape” album and of course


Damien: Do you like tourin’? We watch the “Don’t Turn Off The Lights”

Enrique: Yeah, li love it.

Damien: It looks crazy. Is that accurate depiction.

Enrique: That’s at home, when I’m on tour i love touring and being with
my band. The rest is work. Going on tour is not work.

Damien: Not exactly like this, hangin’ out at beach. Thank you for joining
us, by the way do your thing go drive wherever you have to go.

Enrique: Take care. Thanks.

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