Enrique Iglesias Promotes ‘Seven’ In Spain

promoted his album ‘Seven’ on Thursday (October 30) at 40 Principales in Madrid, Spain. Check out pictures from WireImage.

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2 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias Promotes ‘Seven’ In Spain

  1. Stan_the_man says:

    As I said before in the other Enrique threads …yeah, he’s pretty all right. so pretty, that once he’s in jail(for making out with that 17 yr old girl in his video), the other cell mates will have a grand ol’ time making him their ‘bitch’! he’ll never be able to walk the same afterwards. HA!

  2. kaliausele says:

    Enrique is great and his new album “Seven” should be really good. I support him no matter what, and all the haters can say what they want – nobody cares about them.

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