Enrique Iglesias Proves To Be A ‘Letch’

Top of the Pops’ Wes Butters provided some behind the scenes gossip after meeting . Wes says, “Imagine my surprise as I discover Enrique to be a bigger letch than me. I mean, you’d think he would be satisfied with what he’s had in the past. But no, he really thinks about girls non-stop. Some could say, ‘Thou protest too much’; but I wouldn’t because I don’t want to start rumors. However I do have to wonder why it was the most shocking/explicit interview I’ve ever done. For instance he admitted to me that he was 14 when he began to do some er, rude things, aided by some magazines found in his dad’s closet. He said this and I have it on tape to prove it! But for legal reasons, let’s just say he was JOKING.”

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