Enrique Iglesias Still Has Hang-Up About Removed Mole

The Mirror reports that when appeared on Graham Norton’s chat show on Tuesday night, the cameramen were asked not to linger too long on the place where his now removed mole once was. “He looked gorgeous. But then studio crew were told he didn’t want the cameras to focus too much on his right cheek. It was a bit strange, because he looked lovely,” a set insider revealed.

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One thought on “Enrique Iglesias Still Has Hang-Up About Removed Mole

  1. Stacee says:

    That is because getting it removed made him look very vain, especially since he had a large female following WITH the mole in the first place. (I think Jimmy Fallon pushed him over the edge at the 2002 MTV awards.)

    Poor baby got picked on. LMFAO

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