Enrique Iglesias Talks Love Of Ocean During Video Chat

Enrique Iglesias does a video chat with Namrata & Nisha, talking about his love of the Miami ocean and missing his dogs when away from home

connected with Namrata and Nisha, fans from India, for a video chat on VEVO’s Ask:Reply. The pop singer talked about his passions and what he misses when not home in Miami.

“I love water,” Enrique said about his passion aside from singing. “That’s why I live in Miami. I love the ocean. That’s one of the main reasons I live in Miami, obviously because of my good friends as well. I love waterskiing, I love diving, anything that has to do with the ocean, any sport.”

As for what he misses most about Miami when he’s away, Iglesias said, “My dogs… My girlfriend is gonna kill me.”

Enrique wrapped up the brief chat saying, “Next time I go to India, I hope to see you at the show.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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