Enrique Iglesias Turns Out The Lights On TRL

Enrique Iglesias stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to perform ‘Don’t Turn Off The Lights’ before a delirious crowd of female admirers. Enrique also briefly chatted with Quddus about his European tour and upcoming North American tour, and how fans can be lucky enough to get pulled up onto the stage with Enrique. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: My next guest makes spanish fly seem like old spice, get
ready, ladies. Here comes enrique iglesias


Quddus: Mass hysteria .

Enrique: I can’t hear you.

Quddus: That’s what i was sayin’. Dude, these ladies love you. Crazy.


Quddus: Every time you come through, man.

Enrique: Ha-ha.

Quddus: How you feelin’.

Enrique: Good. I just got back from europe.

Quddus: Yeah, touring there right.

Enrique: Yeah.

Quddus: How was that


Enrique: It was [Inaudible] We ended in romania, pretty cool.

Quddus: It must be crazy out there.

Enrique: It was. The last show was huge. A huge stadium so we had a
lot of fun.

Quddus: And you have a U.S. Tour planned.

Enrique: Yeah, in september and october


Quddus: Great


Quddus: No specific dates.

Enrique: I can’t hear you.

Quddus: Still planning the tour, no specific dates yet.

Enrique: No but we will go for sure september and october.

Quddus: Cool this new video we are playin’ on the countdown doing really
well “don’t turn off the lights”.

Enrique: Yeah, yeah


Quddus: This is kind of a departure ’cause normally you got a hot chick
but this time –.

Enrique: You know what “don’t turn off the lights” is like a rock star,
live showing the back stage and touring. I think — it’s not a very good
video ’cause it was directed by me


Quddus: I disagree


Quddus: It’s cool ’cause you capture raw elements how it is to be on
the road hangin’ out on your tour bus, we have all seen it. It is real
cool. I think it is cool and she loves it, see. She loves it


Quddus: We have a clip from the diary which actually you actually pull
a fan from the audience, let’s have a look at this here


Quddus: You put her hands on your booty , man


Quddus: All the ladies in the studio —

Extreme close-up. It’s great. I mean — damn!


Quddus: But, we also have an on-stage. I want to know what happened
when you took her back stage.

Enrique: That we can’t talk about.

Quddus: How are you going to tease them.

Enrique: I like interacting wit the audience, you know. I love bringing
up a fan.

Quddus: They like more with enrique, you will perform for us.

Enrique: Yes, sir.

Quddus: After the break so come on back, all right


Quddus: At the top dirty versus shady in a re-match. Stick around to
find out who is on top and kylie mining o’s premiere and enrique will perform
for us when we come ck on trl


Quddus: Welcome back to trl. Beautiful day out in new york. Top 10 most
requested videos, hangin’ out here with enrique.

Enrique: Wow!

Enrique: Nick cannon in times square with his eyeballs, he is —

Enrique: Wow.

Quddus: [Inaudible] What’s goin’ on, man do you have a fan out there.

Nick: Of course, q-man. I have kerry, a huge enrique fan. Do you have
a question for senore iglesias.

Fan: I do. I’ve been to your concerts and wonder what i have to do to
be that girl on stage.

Enrique: You know, i don’t know. It’s …

Quddus: Wear somethin’.

Enrique: No, you just — whoever screams the loudest


Enrique: You don’t have to do anything, just whoever catch’s my eye.
Whatever kch’s my eye. Random. Do you want to come up here.

Quddus: Do you want to go up? That was a loud scream.

Fan: Yes, of course i do.

Enrique: Come on


Quddus: Thanks, nick. Ha-ha.

Nick: Back me up.

Quddus: Enrique you are going to rock the stage in a minute.

Enrique: Yes, sir.

Quddus: Performing for us


Quddus: Right now another group of artists who get the ladies goin’
like this man at 5 here is b2k “gots to be”


Quddus: B2k “gots to be”. I think we are all ready for live music, 9
days on trl, it’s highest showing yet we call it your peak position here
to perform your no. 4 request live here is enrique iglesias “don’t turn
off the lights”


Quddus: — No. 4 request performed live by enrique iglesias thanks enrique.
All right we’ll be back there does a riot goin’ on they love you so much,

Enrique: Yeah.

Quddus: Thank you, buddy. You rocked it, dude. Definitely. We’ll take
another break and be right back y’all

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