Enrique Phones TRL As ‘Escape’ Retires At #1

checked in with fans on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday as his video ‘Escape’ was being retired. Enrique talked about his new videos and thanked fans for voting for his ‘Escape’ video, which bowed out at number one today. For a transcript of Enrique and Quddus’ chat, read on.

Quddus: Now “escape” is the first video retired from
trl. Enrique wha’ssup, man.

Enrique: What ‘up Quddus


Quddus: how do you doin’.

Enrique: I’m watchin’ you on TV right now.

Quddus: Brother do you something to the ladies, they love you. This
right here can you see this.

Enrique: Yeah.

Quddus: It is for you Enrique retirin’ your video bro congratulations
where are you at.

Enrique: Miami in the studio right now.

Quddus: Cool.

Enrique: That’s for me.

Quddus: Yeah, we’re retiring your video today.

Enrique: Thanks.

Quddus: Reporter: Laying down tracks for a new album.

Enrique: No actually a french version of one of the tracks.

Quddus: Which one.



Quddus: the next single?

Enrique: Yeah the next single “Don’t Turn Off the Lights” I just got
back from LA shooting.

Quddus: The next one is the one you are remixing.

Enrique: I’m not really sure yet but I know the next single will be
“Don’t Turn Off The Lights” for sure.Quddus: What can we expect.

Enrique: It will be cool, completely different than any video I’ve shot.
Hi so much fun to do it. That’s why I wanted mark to shoot it, he isn’t really. They think. I can tell you today I’ll see the first rough copy, I do not want to talk about it too much, I don’t want to hype it too much but it should be completely different to any video i’ve shot before. I think the fans will be very surprised. It will be a funny video.

Quddus: Any more hot tennis players in your videos.

Enrique: No, none in this video, just me, unfortunately.

Quddus: Yeah, all right. Well, uhm now you are off to Europe after this
for a tour you got going on.

Enrique: Yeah.

Quddus: Have you been there and toured? I’m sure you have.

Enrique: Yeah, I have toured in Europe before. I leave Wednesday and
do a month and a half tour and come back and tour here and October.

Quddus: We look forward to having you here, man. Enjoying your music.

Enrique: Thanks a lot.

Quddus: Dude thank you for callin’ in.

Enrique: Thanks to all of the fans voting on the video.

Quddus: Going out no. 1, my brother, here is “Escape” for you guys.

Enrique: All right.

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