Enrique Talks Tribute Nervousness

As we reported earlier, was on Access Hollywood Friday where he revealed how panicked he was before his ‘Hero’ performance on the ‘America: Tribute to Heroes’ telethon. Enrique says, “I was not nervous. I was panicking. The funny thing, I was writing down the lyrics of the song. When I get nervous, my voice gives out and my memory completely blocks often and I can’t, you know — I forget the lyrics. I go nuts. I hate singing when I’m nervous.”

As for , Enrique admitted to some ‘tongue’ kissing with her in the ‘Hero’ video but stressed the two were not an item saying, “No. Just good friends. I always say that. We’re real good friends. I’m just happy that I know her. She’s a great person. You know? And — I mean — that’s it. You know, I don’t have, like, a steady girlfriend right now.”

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