Enrique Was Playing A Lot Of Grab Ass With Anna

Carson Daly gave some of his highlights from the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday during Total Request Live on Friday. “All in all, great show,” Carson said. “Jimmy Fallon, excellent job. Bruce Springsteen kicked off the show. was great. Eminem was easily the best. I sat right here and I was telling everybody in the studio audience when Jimmy Fallon was making fun of Enrique, he was right in front of me when he put on the big mole and I thought ‘Oh, God. Enrique and Anna Kournikova.’ He was playing a little grab ass. [Laughter] Actually a lot. Who could blame him? Joe was right here and he did the fat joke about eating one of the Olsen Twins and I looked over, great sport about it. He was laughing. And I think everybody took it in stride. It was a good time.”

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