Entertainment Weekly Rates Madonna’s Top 10 Films

With ‘Swept Away’ hitting very few theaters, Entertainment Weekly counted down Madonna’s 10 most memorable movies from the wretched to the classic. At the bottom of the list was ‘Shanghai Surprise’ where they joked, “If you and your husband made this movie, you’d get divorced, too.” Their number two pick, ‘Truth or Dare’ where they commented, “For once, Madonna gets the role she was born to play.” For more, including their top pick, click here.

Madonna Wonders Why She’s Living In London

October 11, 2002 – Popbitch.com reports Madonna was recently in Los Angeles, where she was overheard talking to Alex Keshishian, director of ‘In Bed With Madonna’. She was saying, “Why the fu** are we still living in a sh**hole like London when we could be here?”

Ashanti Gives Props To ‘That White Lady’ Madonna

October 11, 2002 – Ashanti is giving praise to Madonna in the Rolling Stone Women in Rock issue. “Yeah, Madonna is ill. All the clamps and chains people had on what women can and cannot do — she just broke them. And I really wasn’t up on Madonna until my cousin — who’s six years older than me and my favorite relative on the planet; we’re more like sisters — when I was eight or nine I said, ‘Why you got these posters of that white lady all over your room?’ She’s like, ‘This is Madonna!'”

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