Eric Dill Gets His Tonsils Removed

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@ericdill) on Thursday (August 6), talking about finally getting his tonsils removed. The Click Five’s ex-singer writes:

I went back to Indy (parents house) and had my tonsils taken out a while ago (I was done have tonsillitis so often) and that was quite an ordeal, well it is for us old folks. Apparently kids can get them out and be up and off running around without a problem. For others, especially adults, it can be a pretty difficult recovery. However, through the nastiness of that whole affair I will now never have to deal with tonsillitis and will even enjoy more resonance in my voice and room to get the full breadth of sound to come through. Imagine the tonsils, if they are sizable on some individuals, as sound dampening units absorbing otherwise projected voice. So, nice to not have them.

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