Eric Prydz Should Be Renamed Eric Pratt

Contributed Anonymously:

I’m sure I’m not the only person who doesn’t like this song. Frankly it annoys the HELL out of me. Now you probably think I’m a woman writing this, but women have better spelling than me. No I’m actually a boy. And saying that you’d think I would like the video to this song, considering the vast amount of images of slim women in tight clothes with a lot of sexual images. But no.

I think this video degrades women back to merely objects. Why the hell does he need to make a video full of nearly naked women, it’s just so irrelevant and typical. I mean women don’t tend to make videos of men half naked with the tightest underwear on in order to make their private parts more noticeable. No, women in their videos also more than often chose to be half naked themselves.
Why the hell has music become about sexual images? Get back to the basics and get back to focusing on the music! I’m fed up of looking at women’s bodies every time I want to watch a music video. Can’t the producers be more imaginative and try to do something that actually takes brains to do for once? It’s not that hard to film some women prancing about touching themselves.
Famous people need to get back to the real world. Normal people don’t walk around in shockingly skimpy clothes (the respectable ones anyway) and they get on fine, stop shoving these sexual images in our faces.
Also I’m sick and tired of hearing small children singing lyrics to sexual songs!!! Children should don’t be singing such things!! Especially relating to the song with the lyric “my neck, my back, my ass and my crack!” Let them be kids.

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