Eric West Leaves Message For Avril Lavigne

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Singer/Actor Eric West who makes his movie debut in ‘Lords Of Dogtown’ next summer and releases his debut album ‘Half | Life’ early 2005 left a message on his official web site in a message he left to his fans, in regard to Avril Lavigne’s ‘My Happy Ending’ video. “Quick shout out to Avril! I’ve met her once before, but I can’t help but enjoy her video to ‘My Happy Ending’,” he wrote. “The video captures my whole entire life, since it was made literally in my old neighborhood, where I spent 21 of my 22 years on this planet. It’s like watching my whole life go by. Her new album is pretty good too. Check out ‘Nobody’s Home’.”

Deryck And Avril’s Intense Phone Call Delays Sum 41 Show

October 18, 2004 – The New York Post reports Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley was spotted pacing outside Rothko on his cell phone right before his Blender Sessions performance, talking intensely with girlfriend Avril Lavigne, on tour in London, and delaying the band’s set for an hour.

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One thought on “Eric West Leaves Message For Avril Lavigne

  1. gloria says:

    haha,that’s an intelligent guy!!!!!! avril’s music and Avril are great!!!is the best damn girl that my eyes have ever seen!!!omg,and nobody’s home it’s my fav song,I love it!!!!avril,continue this way,you will get a far way,love you so much,gloria,best wishes,mother fu**ing mother princess!!!!!!!!!!!!

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