Erin McCarley Excited About Hotel Cafe Tour Kickoff

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@erinmccarley) on Wednesday (October 8). The San Diego pop singer tells readers:

1. Hotel Cafe Tour is about to begin in 24 hours!! I’m in LA at this crazy hotel in Studio City waiting for my computer to lose battery. Charger is in car and I’m too lazy to go get it. I’m so excited to jump on the bus with the girls of this amazing tour. I’ll be keeping you updated on the happenings and dramas off the road. Come see us in the cities near you. Make sure you come give me a hug.

2. My song, ‘Pitter-Pat’ is going to be on Grey’s Anatomy tomorrow night!!! I think this could be my mom’s favorite event for me so far. I’m pretty sure she is throwing a party at her house. If your in Lubbock, Texas, look her up. Shed be thrilled. Thanks for your support, mom. I’ll be playing a show in Santa Barbara as the show airs. Let me know how it goes.

3. I want a puppy. bad timing but I still want one.

battery dying…aaaaaahhhhhhhhh… I’ll write soon. I promise. I have a ton of great things to share with you. stay tuned…


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