Esmee Denters Checks In After Seattle Radio Appearance

Esmee Denters

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@esmeedenters) on Thursday (October 29), talking about her road trip visitign Seattle, Las Vegas and Los Angeles in support of her new single ‘Outta Here’. The Dutch pop singer writes:

Hey Everybody… It’s me, Esmée!
I just got back from doing an interview on an early morning radio show here in Seattle and I thought I would write to you guys real quick. This week started off with a show in beautiful San Diego. The next morning we went to visit Radio Star 94.1 for a live interview. Radio DJ AJ stayed up on this crane for an entire week to help raise toys for sick children, so of course I had to come out for this great cause. Thumbs up to AJ! ;)

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