Esmee Denters ‘Love Dealer’ Video Behind The Scenes

Esmee Denters black and whiteBehind the scenes footage of Esmee Denters’ latest music video ‘Love Dealer’ has been posted online, featuring comments from Esmee, Justin Timberlake – who is featured on the song and video, and its director Brendan Malloy.

“It’s sort of recreating the vibe we had in the studio and also showing more of my personality,” the Dutch pop singer said in the clip. “It’s amazing to be here and see all these people that work on your video. And to have (Justin) here supporting me.”

Esmee Denters and Justin BieberJustin said the track “got written in an hour and a half and then she recorded it that night on her own. All the vocals on her own and I came back the next day and it was done.” The former member added that Esmee “is such a sponge, just soaks everything up and you see her processing everything and she comes back the next day with all that knowledge and she retains all that.”

Watch it via her YouTube below.

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