Gloria Estefan Warns Jennifer Lopez Against Marriage

The Evening Standard reports Gloria Estefan has warned her Latino singing successor Jennifer Lopez against jumping into marriage. “If I was her, I would be more wary about getting married again,” she said. It appears that for now, J.Lo is taking her advice, postponing her wedding to Ben Affleck that was scheduled for Sunday. Estefan added, “She should just chill and spend time with Ben.”

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Wedding Cancellation Looks Real

September 12, 2003 – More speculation on the last minute wedding cancellation of Jennifer and Ben, as the Boston Herald reports the Montecito Fire Department told them yesterday the station house had received a fax from the county saying “the event” was indeed off and to keep the roads around the church and Sotto Il Monte estate open this weekend. “That will make the residents happy,” said a firehouse spy. “They were all bent out of shape about the road closings. They all think they’re very important and can’t understand why they would close the roads for Ben and J. Lo when they don’t even live here.” Ben’s PR guy, Ken Sunshine, also said talk of a fake-out by the couple probably isn’t the case. “I would say that’s a great reason to conclude that it’s not a ruse,” he said. “I have no idea how (guest expenses) will be dealt with – it’s all still new – but it will absolutely be dealt with.”

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4 thoughts on “Gloria Estefan Warns Jennifer Lopez Against Marriage

  1. OohSexxy says:

    Yes she needs to take advice from Gloria , j.lo thinks marriage is a game, she falls in love with everyone she is with she needs to just sit back and relax and take things slow, something we can see she has trouble doing!

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah really…Jennifer Lopez needs to let the power of love seep through her very very slowly through time and patience before making big commitments that she probably can’t handle. Just because you love somebody doesn’t mean that instantly there is a perfect husband. It takes time, patience, and not just love, but just faith to truly find what you really want in a husband, and obviously, I believe Jennifer Lopez doesn’t know exactly what she wants. I don’t know her, so I am not gonna say too much of who I think should marry and stuff, but all I have to say is that she should just actually have a friendship with a man for at least a year, then start dating, and take the time to find if that person is truly the one. Taking time will always bring back miracles quicker, but taking it too fast (as we can see), can bring slower results to a compatible relationship.

  3. Carrie says:

    I agree with JazzProfounder. Best thing was that they dropped the wedding gig. We don’t know how they really feel for one another but this I can say- If she has to control his every step because of her distrust, then they have issues and marriage is definitely not the answer. Solution is moving the relationship slowly and testing the waters without constant fury on her part. He was troubled from the start and If she wanted him so badly she should of recognized that he was serious work. I think she just put too much pressure on him to be perfect and he finally became totally turned off. Jen, needs serious relationship counseling.

  4. kiki says:

    J.lo shoould take a retreat.

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