Evan Marriott Disses Mariah Carey

Contributed by Kizzardkid:

According to MariahDaily.com, Evan Marriott of ‘Joe Millionaire’ fame recently gave an interview with a radio station and took time to bash . After playing clips of voice messages left on her official website, the DJ at hand questioned her sanity. Evan, who appeared in Mariah’s ‘Bringin’ On The Heartbreak’ music video as a helicopter pilot, commented, “You have to wonder what someone’s state of mind is when they want to do a video with a bunch of people screaming their name and asking for their autograph.”

Perhaps Evan failed to realize those “people” were Mariah’s fans and that the story of the music video is based on Bette Midler’s 1979 Academy Award nominated film ‘The Rose’. Mariah, by the way, stayed behind two hours to sign everyone’s merchandise.

It is unfortunate Evan didn’t learn from Mariah’s kindness. The biggest amount of gratitude he showcased during the interview was when he revealed a favorite pastime of his: fondling himself while watching Mariah’s music videos.

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