Evan Taubenfeld Leaves Avril Lavigne’s Band

Avril Lavigne’s guitarist Evan Taubenfeld left a message for all the fans and fansites indicating he’s out of Avril’s band. “The last three years have been some of the best in my life,” Taubenfeld wrote. “I couldn’t have done any of it without the amazing support of all of my awesome fans. You all have been the best fans in the world and I appreciate all that you have given me, I consider every one of you a friend. I look forward to this next step in my life and career and hope you will all come along for the ride. Its gonna be fun! See you soon, Evan.”

Avril Lavigne Visits KIIS FM

10, 2004 – Avril stopped by the KIIS FM studios in Los Angeles to talk with Wright and asked if she was a stay at home kinda chick. “Yeah, well, I like to stay at home ’cause I don’t get home very often but when I’m home for awhile I like to go out and go to clubs, get drunk, all that normal stuff,” she responded. “I like to go to Jamba Juice.”

Avril Lavigne Describes Her Fashion Style

6, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: When asked to outline her personal fashion style, Avril responded, “I know something is me if it’s black and has stud and bondage straps. And a skull and crossbones or camouflage.”

Avril Lavigne Loves ‘Together’

September 1, 2004 – Avril told Popstar magazine that her favorite song on her CD is probably ‘Together’. “It’s a really hard piano, though.” She has also said ‘He Wasn’t’ is also one she likes a lot.

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6 thoughts on “Evan Taubenfeld Leaves Avril Lavigne’s Band

  1. fpasko says:

    Ok, that was so stupid of him. Why would he leave?? Maybe he is having issues with Avril. If he is, he should just ignore them. He is leaving behind, a lot of money. If he thinks he can be some huge solo star, dream on.

  2. supasweetfreak says:

    yep, when Jesse and Mark left it was supposedly to go and get famous with their own band but they are getting nowhere. Evan should have realized the same fate is in store for him!

  3. najeeah says:

    That’s sad Avril and Evan should be married they have been together threw Avril’s whole career they were best friends that should be in love and Evan loved Avril.

  4. chelle says:

    I think.. that it might be more than wonderful if Avril were married to Evan.. they were happy together..

  5. blah blah says:

    This is so cool!!!!!!!!!! I love you Avril!

  6. vic hill says:

    Hummm kinda makes you think cause Avril was with Jesse first right. Maybe Evan cant get anywhere with her and its time to move on. I dont know how much they are making but why leave the gravy train.

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