Even If *NSYNC Don’t Sell Another Record They’ll Still Be Friends

Capital FM’s Schooly spoke with Justin Timberlake in LA and finds out all about his debut solo album ‘Justified’. Asked if branching out solo meant the end of *NSYNC, Justin said, “Not at all. It’s never the end. The reason people ask that is because they get used to comparing us with groups that may have been put together, and the thing we keep explaining to people is that we put ourselves together a long time ago. We were friends for a long time before *NSYNC blew up as a group, and even if we don’t sell another record next go around, we’ll still be friends. We’re in it together.”

Justin Timberlake To Release ‘Justified’ Then Focus On *NSYNC

October 3, 2002 – Contributed by JustNsync27: Justin Timberlake was on Z100 with Romeo where he revealed that he will release his solo debut ‘Justified’ on November 5, then go back with his bandmates to focus on the next *NSYNC record. He also talked about his record, which will offer 13 tracks all co-written by Justin, and talked about the comparison and how he’s flattered with the comparison.

Sarah Hughes On Her Grammy Experience

October 1, 2002 – Olympic gold medalist Sarah Hughes talked to Teen People about her opportunity to attend the Grammy Awards earlier this year. “At The Grammys, I met so many musicians I admire, including Bono, Dave Matthews, and Celine Dion. I met Britney Spears backstage and told her I like her music and listen to it when I practice. She thanked me and said, ‘That’s so sweet.’ The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC were real gentlemen. I told *NSYNC they should do a show with an ice rink and I could skate while they performed. I thought that would be cool.”

*NSYNC To Receive Male Young Heroes Award

29, 2002 – *NSYNC’s official website reports: “On November 22, 2002, they will be receiving the Male Young Heroes Award from Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles which will honor them as outstanding members of the Entertainment Community. The award goes to entertainers who are inspiring and positive role models to young people, which comes from their endless generosity year-round from their Challenge For The Children foundation. Along with *NSYNC, the other honorees will be Garry Marshall, Amy Pascal and Mandy Moore.”

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