Everybody, Backstreet’s Back

The Boston Globe reports that the will release a new album in ’04. The group will gather in various places to begin writing — “and getting back in shape, at least vocally,” next month said Marcus Siskind, who co-owns Blue Jay Recording Studios in Carlisle Massachusetts with band member Kevin Richardson. He says they will begin recording a short time later. A number of songs will be recorded in Carlisle. “We won’t know what the final effort will look or sound like,” said Siskind. “The industry has changed so much since they last released an album and toured.” Read more.

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11 thoughts on “Everybody, Backstreet’s Back

  1. Hotstar says:

    Backstreet WHO??’, ‘ Backstreet is over, end of story. I am sure the next album will sell okay but it will not sell very well compared to other acts. People have forgotten BSB because they have been out of the press too long and their old fans have mostly moved on. But let’s face it the only reason they are getting back together is because they couldn’t succeed as solo acts, Nick’s flop showed them that.

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Side project of experimentations vs. a total career shift….’, ‘No one is crying in camp Backstreet….. Why must you keep bringing up useless, unimportant crap? With that said, I’d STILL rather sell 100,000 copies o*****OOD album than go 3 times platinum with the biggest peice of ***** in my career to date…. Hm, just a thought!

  3. Smile says:

    They don’t have to sell more than themselves or anyone else. They just have to make good music, which they will.

  4. Hotstar says:

    Whatever dumbass J.T is a superstar and BSB are has-beens struggling to comeback

    Got any more excuses, that you wanna pull out of your ass?

  5. popnicklover says:

    After a long time of scrolling down all of Stallwhore’s pointless posts (c’mon now, did you REALLY have to make 30 posts saying the same damn thing?! We get your pathetic point already!) I am happily going to say that I so can’t wait for the BSB’s new album!! Stallwhore is insane for thinking N Sync is talented when BSB isn’t. And we all know N Sync is never coming back since Justin is so high up in his ass and doesn’t want to stoop back down to “Disneyland” again, using the exact term he used to describe N Sync. It looks like N Sync is the group who’s over!!! LMFAO!

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Funny how elephantboy up there has the gall to call the Backstreet fans pathetic, yet he has the “time” to come here and post the same lame comment OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again…. And what’s even funnier is the Britney fans who hate to see US in THEIR posts hating on Britney are HERE hating on OUR idols….. At least OUR arguments are semi legitimate, and don’t make us sound like petty 12 year olds…

    AS FOR THE ARTICLE: I figured they’d record in Kevin’s studio. Maybe they’ll get released of their contract and they can release the album how THEY want to…… Who knows! It’s gonna be a hot album! They may not be up to the glory point like they were in ’99…JUST YET… But they are going to prove themselves as more than just 5 pretty faces in a boyband. I just have this feeling that they’ll gain SOOOO much respect from the industry this time around…not that they don’t have a ton of it already…. They are just going to blow everyone’s socks off.

  7. hellahooker says:

    That would be like soo ew if BSB sing about having sex because there old bastards. Badass would so enjoy it cause she likes to ram BSB cd’s in her smelly pouche and kiss her BSB poster every day. The old lady probably be dead by the time BSB make a record

  8. getalifeyall says:

    Lets face the facts here… BSB are over. No one finds them remotely attractive or interesting. Their greatest hits CD bombed while No Doubt’s greatest hits CD debuted at #1. Nick’s solo project bombed and good God if he isn’t making another piece of sh*t attempt to find success on his own. He and his motherless brother should take tips from AJ and pick up a drug habit or something. Nick looks like a bloated New Kid On The Block desparate to cling to anyone who might help his career. Whether it be Tommy Lee or whoever pulls into the gas station. Boys 2 Men took time off and came back and look what happened to them, and they were way more talented than these jokes. BSB are done with. Britney began her career at 16 opening up for them in concert, now 5 years later she’s the biggest star in the world and they’ll all be begging her to let them open for her. Thank God she’s smart enough to seperate the talent from the has beens.

  9. single_female_lawyer says:

    this is the exact same crap that was posted in the beginning of the year and last year and the year before. They are just getting annoying for real. besides unless they make some really good music they aren’t going to come back.

  10. GraceMichelle says:

    Yes, it will be difficult for BSB to make a comeback. No doubt about it. But, they don’t need to sell 10 million to gain my respect. They simply need to make good music. I know they will. The fact is that no artist is selling a huge amount of albums these days. People post on here about how wonderful Britney is, but the fact is “In the Zone” has done poorly, especially compared to her last albums. I am not trying to put her down. Hell, I am one of the few that bought “In the Zone”. But, give BsB a break and give them a chance. They all have great voices and I know that this new album will be a step up lyrically. They’ll have a lot to say. I support them till the end. To the rest of the BsB fans… please show them some support as well. Don’t let the grammatically impared and brain dead people rule this page. I’d like to see some intelligent posts!

  11. Smile says:

    I haven’t posted a long comment in awhile but some Nsync fans are being absolutely ridiculous. The BsB’s Greatest Hits CD sold 900,000 the first week in the U.S. alone. They sold over a million by the time the second week came around and that doesn’t even include the rest of the world. That is very good considering some fans didn’t buy it because they had most of the songs already. Nsync has less of a chance at coming back then the BsB do. They aren’t even giving a date. As for Justin, it’s still sad what you’re saying. He didn’t even reach number one in the U.S., which most of you believe is the only country that matters. The BsB sold in one week, a good bit of what Justin has sold over all this time. They definitely had him beat over a months time. He isn’t even known all over the world compared to the BsB. In fact, he sold less than he does in Nsync. Yet you all sit their and act like he’s God. Get real. And get over Nick’s album sales. Seriously. The world didn’t end and he made an awesome album. At least he got his record out. JC is having problems releasing his. And he even has less of an ego then Justin. What is wrong with you people? You read about and diss the BsB for no good reason yet you aren’t even paying attention to your own group. Not to mention you say the same thing time and time again. And what makes this whole thing even more sad is that album sales shouldn’t matter. Music does. It’s supposed to be that simple.

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