Everyone In Napanee Has Got An Avril Lavigne Story

The Belleville Intelligencer spoke with people in Avril Lavigne’s hometown of Napanee to get their feelings on the singer. “She definitely stood out… she was a natural,” recalled Jennifer Richmond, a Grade 5/6 teacher at Cornerstone Christian Academy, where Lavigne attended classes before graduating to Napanee District Secondary School. Kerry Stewart, principal of the 1,400 student high school while Lavigne was in her last year before dropping out, admitted Lavigne’s success has been a little overwhelming for staff and students at the school. “But, we’re absolutely thrilled with her.”

Wants To Get Heavier On Next Album

January 13, 2003 – tells Spin online that she wants her sophomore album to be more rocking. “The music I listen to is hard, and the next record will definitely be a heavier rock record,” she says. “‘Let Go’ is a lot more polished than I wanted it to be. It’s okay, though, because looking at it from a business point of view, it helped me break. Whatever. I mean, I’m growing up, and I’m more hands-on about everything. I wrote this album when I was 16, and I did my best to get it done my way, and I’m proud of that.”

On Dateline NBC

January 13, 2003 – In a primetime exclusive, Dateline NBC’s Jane Pauley sits down with singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne. The Grammy nominated artist talks to Pauley about breaking into the music business at the young age of 18 and becoming the best selling new artist of 2002. Pauley also talks to LA Reid, the President and CEO of Arista Records (Lavigne’s record label), about Lavigne’s success. Tune in on Tuesday, January 14th at 10 PM ET.

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  1. Chris says:

    Anyone know where in Napanne she lived or hung out or anything? I obviously don’t need an exact address or anything.. I live in Napanee now and I would never know if the house across the street was hers!!

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