Evolving Of Pop Megastars Part 2

has changed a lot since she came out. She was a nice conservative girl, who is now a whoreish girl who just wants attention. How many times will she change herself to get publicity? The good girl, the whore, the Marilyn Monroe. Christina is a lady who looks very old with white hair and big fake implants. She uses every time she has something coming out to get on TV. First she disses her then she likes her? Christina, if you are going to make a jazz album, find someway else to promote the crap, instead of using Britney. Good no one showed you talking about it though; they all cut you off, that’s how much everyone wants to know about it. Britney gets media whatever she does and Christina needs to name-drop to get it and it still doesn’t work. She is almost over, please her fans, enjoy it while it lasts. Britney has been through everything and has changed a lot and is still very popular and is selling millions.

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