Ex-Boyzone Star Ties The Knot In Gay Wedding

ShowbizIreland.com reports former star Stephen Gately is currently honeymooning in London after getting married to his gay lover Andy Cowles after a ceremony in Las Vegas. The pair now hope to adopt a child.

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4 thoughts on “Ex-Boyzone Star Ties The Knot In Gay Wedding

  1. JenJen84 says:

    Congratulations to Stephen and Andy! :)

  2. Candee says:

    This should encourage Justin to come out of the closet too. Maybe if more of his fellow boyband peers come out, he’ll get his nerve up. *Crossing fingers*

  3. nick_carters_girl says:

    lol hehehe.. I’ll cross my fingers too!

  4. nick_carters_girl says:

    whoa.. I didn’t think that dude was gay… well..i live in Florida..so I don’t really get much info on Boyzone anyways.. but that’s just…something.. Justin should really admit he’s gay too.. because I guess Stephen already broke the ice for gay popstars!… hehehehehehehe

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