Ex CBS President Blasts Whiner Michael Jackson

The New York Daily News reports that in his memoir, ‘Howling at the Moon: The Odyssey of a Monstrous Music Mogul in an Age of Excess,’ former CBS Records president Walter Yetnikoff calls Michael Jackson “a world-class whiner” who confessed early on, “I never liked the way I looked.” Jackson used to whisper in his ear at awards ceremonies: “I have to tinkle. Can you take me to the potty?” Jackson once called to ask if Yetnikoff could block Quincy Jones from getting a Grammy for ‘Thriller’ because “Quincy didn’t really produce the record, I did. Quincy has a enough Grammys.”

Michael Jackson Spokesperson Sets The Record Straight

March 7, 2004 – Michael’s new spokesperson Raymone Bain set the record straight with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on the pop star’s finances, family, and alleged stint in rehab. Asked about the Vanity Fair article, Bain responded, “Well, let me just say that even with the Vanity Fair piece, I think that there are so many people out here speaking as if they know everything about Michael Jackson but God knows I would not want friends like that. Because lets say that Michael Jackson were in detox, or lets say Michael Jackson were in rehab… what kind of friend would call up a reporter or Larry King and say he’s in rehab. Is that a friend?”

Why Michael Jackson’s Sky-High Menu Might Matter

March 6, 2004 – ‘Extra’ reports that police paid a surprise visit to the private jet company Michael Jackson frequently used. Police wanted to examine a manifest of Michael’s every move on board a private jet. According to ‘Celebrity Justice’ Executive Producer Harvey Levin, police want information on what Jackson liked to drink on the flights because it may serve to corroborate aspects of Jackson’s accuser’s story. “‘CJ’ has reported that the flight attendant has said she would serve Jackson wine in soda cans,” Levin revealed. “This is relevant because that’s exactly what the alleged victim has told police Jackson served him.”

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One thought on “Ex CBS President Blasts Whiner Michael Jackson

  1. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Not saying this is true or not, but I can see Michael saying he has to ‘tinkle’ and need to be taking to the ‘potty’. Hell he said ‘when they need to poo’ on TV a few months ago.

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