Ex-‘Idol’ Contestant Paula Goodspeed Dies Outside Paula Abdul’s Home

‘American Idol’ season five contestant Paula Goodspeed, 30, whose audition performance of ‘Proud Mary’ was panned and mocked by the judges, appears to have died of a drug overdose in her car nearby Paula Abdul’s home in Los Angeles.

“Ms. Goodspeed’s mother had gone to [the sheriff’s department] to report her daughter missing, and advised them that she might be suicidal,” says Los Angeles police Capt. James Miller. “The sheriffs determined that Ms. Goodspeed may be up in the vicinity by Paula Abdul’s house. Our officers discovered her vehicle parked on the street, and found her inside. She was unresponsive to officers.”

“I am deeply shocked and saddened at what transpired yesterday,” Abdul said in a statement. “My heart and prayers go out to her family.”

Check out more details from People.com.

Update: ‘Entertainment Tonight’ has exclusive footage of Paula Goodspeed, the young woman who was found dead near ‘American Idol’ judge Paula Abdul’s home. The footage was taken when Goodspeed was trying out for ‘Idol’, where she was asked why she wanted to be the next ‘Idol’. The video clip at ETOnline.com has since been removed.

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One thought on “Ex-‘Idol’ Contestant Paula Goodspeed Dies Outside Paula Abdul’s Home

  1. Trish Broad says:

    Dear Paula,
    You Have Been The Back Bone To THE AMERICAN
    IDOL SHOW. IT’s a shame you won’t be returning, You not
    only kept the wit in the show but you kept a bright shining glow down @ the judges table. I know Kara played an important role this past year/ and she was good, if anybody has to try to fill your shoes she is a close second. Please don’t take my feelings the wrong way I just know talent when I see It. You don’t Stroke People Around.



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