Ex Tells How Lee Ryan’s Sex Epic Left Her Gasping

Emma Davis has revealed to News of the World how former Blue star Lee Ryan had rampant sex with her eight times in six hours—on his big leather bed, on the floor and on the sofa, knowing they could be seen by workers building a block of flats next door. “Lee blew me away sexually,” the 21-year-old revealed. “It wasn’t a case of ‘One Love’, more like ‘Eight Love’ because we were at it time and time again all over his flat.”

Too Late For Lee Ryan To Be ‘Out Of The Blue’

July 22, 2005 – The Daily Star reports that Lee Ryan wants to change the name of his debut album from ‘Lee Ryan’ to ‘Out Of The Blue’. “Someone suggested the title to Lee and he thought it would be a brilliant idea,” a source said. “He begged them to change the artwork but it was already at the printers, so there was nothing that could be done.”

Lee Ryan Gushes Over Charlotte Church

July 21, 2005 – Former Blue star Lee Ryan is singing the praises of Charlotte Church to Attitude magazine. “She’s definitely sexy, she’s a real woman,” he said in the mag’s August issue. “You can tell she’s the kind of girl if she woke up with you the next morning she wouldn’t give a fu*. She would just be the way she is. You wouldn’t catch her in the bathroom before you woke up putting on her make-up.”

Lee Ryan Happy To No Longer Be Muzzled

July 17, 2005 – With Lee Ryan now a solo singer, he tells Radio 1 he was never allowed to speak because he was just seen as Blue’s joker. “It feels different because I can actually talk, whereas before I didn’t used to talk. The boys would be the ones to answer all the questions,” he said. “I’d stay stuff because I was very passionate about stuff. It would come out wrong half the time, and they would tell me to shut up. By the end of it I didn’t really care. I’d say stuff that was truthful, whereas a lot of people would say stuff you wanted to hear. I’m not to bothered about what people think, I’d rather speak my heart.”

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6 thoughts on “Ex Tells How Lee Ryan’s Sex Epic Left Her Gasping

  1. RobScott says:

    I love how girls from the uk take pride in being sl**s.

  2. justincaseyes2 says:

    What is it with these people? Why do all these stories sound like I’m reading porn? Do celebrities/people over there really talk like this to “newspapers”?

  3. embo says:

    not ALL girls from the uk are sluts. I’m from the uk and I am not, but this girl obviously is. its not like lee ryan is hot anyway… hes nothing to be proud of

  4. Michelle13105 says:

    for me…listening to someone brag about banging him is like listening to someone…’, ‘brag about banging that blonde guy on the street…don’t even know who he is

  5. Cabati says:

    …cool? No one cares. These people need to figure out another way to get their undeserved 5 minutes of fame.

  6. TheAngryPrincess says:

    Hey, don’t blanket us all with that label, for Gods sake, don’t be so naive.

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