Exhausted Britney Spears May Quit Music For Two Years

The New York Post reports that Britney Spears is “exhausted” and wants to quit the music scene for two years while she reclaims her life in Louisiana, according to music industry sources. “Britney’s lost it. She was really upset after she was booed in London and Mexico, and she’s saying she is going to pack it in for two years,” blabbed a spy. “She’s planning on moving back to Louisiana and living with her mother. She’s tired of being under constant pressure to perform, and is exhausted and is still broken up about Justin.” Spears rep insisted she’s only taking six months off.

Meanwhlie, pals are saying Britney is still obsessed with her former *NSYNC boyfriend Justin Timberlake and she hit on Leonardo DiCaprio at the Playboy party to make ‘Stinky’ jealous. “She is desperate to hook up with someone who will make Justin jealous,” said another spy. “She is 21 going on 9 years old [Note: She’s actually 20 until December 2nd], and just can’t get over the fact that he has moved on.”

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