Expert Analysis On Mariah Carey’s Red Dress

Diantha Harris, who teaches about color for individuals for the Feng Shui Institute of America and the International Academy of Colour Therapeutics, spoke with The Chicago Sun-Times about ’s red dress worn at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards on June 4th (Photos). “Mariah is obviously sure enough of herself to wear red,” Harris said. “It takes a lot of self esteem, or chutzpah, to wear so much red. She may be trying to assert her power position in the entertainment industry. Or perhaps she is telling us she is a woman who lives passionately… surely her music carries passion with it! Red is a great attention-getter, and we know that celebs always want that. Our eyes are naturally drawn to red. But I would say it is not the best color for her skin and hair. I could see her in a copper shade, which would look better with her coloring. Also, it is more sophisticated than red, more mysterious, less ‘noisy.’ But then, perhaps this is the result she is looking for!”

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5 thoughts on “Expert Analysis On Mariah Carey’s Red Dress

  1. popstar says:

    Or maybe..she just likes the color red. Talk about reading way too much into things!

  2. divinah says:

    they can say what they want…but they can’t top 16 #1’s!

  3. hooker says:

    love forever my mariah carey, wohooo!

  4. AFStud501 says:

    Sad thing is.. Madonna’s been out 10 years longer and they r still head 2 head. Go MC

  5. TiggerBoi26 says:

    Just in 1 catagory, look at sales, what records Madonna hold-see post’, ‘It is doubtful Mariah will ever best Madonna in most of the records she holds. Just because she is ahead in only ONE country on ONE chart does not make her the *****. PLUS even Billboard admits Mariah achieved most of these #1 based on CHEAP prices, very rarly has a Madonna single ever been discounted. Know the facts, AND by the way I like Mariah also, but think its sad that people trash Madonna for no reason and based on very little actual facts. One chart does not make Mariah rule the world. And how she actually made the #1’s is clearly debated. Madonna never had the lucury of marring the CEO of her record company which clearly comes with many more perks and al lot more pull than starting from nothing and doing what Madonna has –even with Mariah’s vocal abilities being better than hers. I never said she was not talented. Madonna clearly earns her top spot however.

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