Eyewitness Decribes Britney Spears’ ‘Nervous’ Wedding Moment

Hours after tied the knot in Las Vegas over the weekend with Jason Alexander, two eyewitnesses came exclusively to Entertainment Tonight to explain what they saw inside the wedding chapel. The couple, who asked to remain anonymous, described the pop princess as “nervous,” and her husband-to-be, Alexander, as “a bit blank.” The witness explained, “When they walked in, Britney was wearing a white, baseball cap, had her hair tucked under it, kinda messy, pieces falling out. My wife noticed that she was nervous. And I noticed too. She was looking at the order form for the wedding packages. You could see it trembling in her hands. When I looked at her, her hand was shaking with the paper, and you could see the paper kind of fluttering. He didn’t seem nervous. He seemed a bit blank.”

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