‘Faithful’ Paris Dumped Nick After Consulting Psychic

Paris Hilton spoke about her breakup with Backstreet Boys star to Us Weekly, claiming she was the one who ended the romance. “I was getting my makeup done, and it just hit me: I love Nick, but I need time alone,” she explained. “I called my psychic, and I asked her opinion. She thought I should be alone, and I agreed with her. I don’t like confrontation [so I called him that minute on the phone]. I know I should have done it in person, but it is hard. I went straight to the Kabbalah Center and told everyone about the breakup and got a new bracelet. I go there regularly. . . it helps me with my life. It helps you deal.” Paris added, “I’m a faithful girlfriend. I never cheat. The papers would say, ‘Paris was with this actor, and they were kissing.’ At first he was upset, but at the end of the day, Nick knew the rumors weren’t true.”

Britney, Paris, Nicole & More To Attend Teen Choice Awards

July 28, 2004 – Britney Spears will appear at the 2004 Teen Choice Awards, which are taping August 8 in Universal City, California, and will air August 11 on FOX. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are hosting the show, which will also feature appearances by Jennifer Garner, Jimmy Fallon, Mischa Barton, Christina Applegate, Anne Hathaway, Wilmer Valderrama, Chad Michael Murray, Tyra Banks and Shawn and Marlon Wayans.

And Paris Hilton Already Back Together?

July 27, 2004 – ShotNews had photos, since removed, of Nick and Paris leaving a nightclub in Hollywood, California on early Tuesday morning (July 27), both appearing annoyed by the presence of the paparazzi. Unless the date stamp is incorrect, it would appear Nick and Paris are back together days after announcing a split.

Joe Jackson’s Kids Skip His 75th Birthday Bash

July 26, 2004 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports that none of Joe Jackson’s children made an appearance Saturday night at Jackson’s birthday party at a private mansion in Las Vegas before he turned 75 today. “I thought it was kind of funny that it was a birthday party but there was no family there,” said one guest who described the party as a publicity event to tout Jackson’s “businesses.” Guests on hand included Paris Hilton, comedian George Wallace and singer Dawn Robinson of En Vogue fame.

On The Prowl After Breakup With Paris

July 24, 2004 – Nick and Alania Alexander performed with friends at Highland Grounds Night Club in Hollywood, California on Thursday (July 22). Carter, fresh off his breakup with Paris Hilton, mugged for cameras with his arm around Alexander — and a group of other girls as well.

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4 thoughts on “‘Faithful’ Paris Dumped Nick After Consulting Psychic

  1. Smile says:

    This girl is an idiot. I can’t believe she is this dumb. She should have thought about being alone 7 months ago. And I can’t believe she thinks that somehow going to a psychic or the Kabbalah Center makes everything alright. I don’t care if she got a new bracelet or not. I am so happy right now that they broke up. She doesn’t deserve another minute of Nick’s time. Nick can find himself a woman that is 10x better than Paris.

  2. fireice22 says:

    Paris Faithful my ass. Just Like Justin Timberlake is hot. That will be a cold day in hell when that happens. Paris wouldn’t know faithful if it bit her on the ass. And isn’t she a sweetheart? Breaking up with Nick on the phone. Must be a sorry ass psychic advising her to leave Nick. New bracelet? Nick Carter? tough decision. She is such a loser! Nick is better off without her!

  3. shuddafucup says:

    she asked a psychic for advice? WTF? No wonder she’s so screwed up. We all know she cheated on Nick, but its not like he’s prince charming or anything to lust over. She should hang herself with her new “Ka-blah-blah” or whaetver bracelet

  4. XTremeKaos says:

    The good thing about her obvious stupidity is there is no way could get back with her now. The poor girl couldn’t even make a decision on her own, she had to consult a psychic for god’s sake. And WTF she went to a Kabbalah Center and told ‘everyone’ she broke up with her a boyfriend? What the *****?! Yeah, that’s the first thing I wanna go when I wanna break up with someone, go scream it to strangers. If she was any stupider I’d fear for Nick’s life.

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