Fame Has Been Fleeting For Corey’s

Conan O’Brien’s bit just after his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night went like this: “Last week, one of the big names in the news, I just mentioned him over there, a young man named claims he had a sexual relationship with Paula Abdul while he was a contestant on ‘American Idol’. Well, ‘Primetime Live’ had the first interview with Corey. Since then, ’s been everywhere. He showed up on ABC, FOX, CNBC and ‘The Howard Stern Show’, just to name a couple. Everybody’s talking about Corey, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that ’s prospects for the future do not look good. How do I know? Because I looked into it. Historically, the fame of men named Corey is tragically short-lived. Take a look at this graph right here, you’ll see. You can see actor Corey Feldman was famous for a whopping 109 days. That’s pretty impressive for a Corey. Then there’s Corey Hart, he sang ‘Sunglasses at Night’ back in 1983. He was a celebrity for a little over a month. Then we get to ‘American Idol’ . He’s been famous for six days. I’m just gonna project that he’s got two days left for a total of eight days. Finally, there’s actor Corey Haim, who is in the red. He actually had to give back the 11 days he was famous. As you can see, it’s not good. It’s not good at all.”

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