Fan Account Of Nick Carter Show In San Fransisco

Contributed by BadAss4Backstreet:

A friend of mine from California sent me an email this week with a detailed account of Nick’s concert in San Fransisco. I asked her if I could post it here, and I was given permission, however, she will remain nameless to protect her identity… just call her a Backstreet Pride Booster. Read on for the details (Very long, you might grab a snack).

I’m still a tone deaf after Nick’s performance at the Filmore in San Fransico. To say that he was amazing is the tip of the iceberg. HE WAS AMAZING!! But more than that, he was vulnerably awesome despite the bad accoustics on the left side (his) of the stage. The venue was packed with every age, shape, sex of fans. Lots of women of course, but there were honeys with boyfriends, hard ass rocker types, but mostly the high school seniors and college aged kids there. At one point during the performance, Nick shouts out to the audience, “are there any parents in the audience,” and I took it upon myself to shout back, “Nick, we’ve outgrown them” and he just busted up laughing and then went into “I Just Wanna Take You Home.” He was all the rocker he’s EVER wanted to be that night on that stage. The Filmore venue is a large dance hall with crystal chandeliers that are neon when the lights are off. Around the left side of the large dance hall and stage’s right side (Nick’s right side/audience’s left) are upstair balconies where he and his peeps were sitting in one upstairs closest to the stage watching the opening act and then SEV loosen up the crowd. He or someone kept shooting a laser beam on the audience making us come unglued. After a break to go over the mic checks, his band came out, then Nick dressed in low hipster jeans, thick studded belt, chains, a no sleeve black T-shirt and a watchcap of all things FINALLY came out just as cute and approachable as ever. I would say I was less than 10 feet from the stage. I got all the spit, sweat and barrage of sprayed water that he and his band could throw.

San Francisco was it’s typical cool, slightly foggy self, but inside the venue, it was getting hotter by the minute. Well, as all Nick concerts go, the cap came off by the fourth song. He started off by singing “Girls in the USA” with a couple of honeys strutting on and across the stage, making eyes at him and him dancing up to them, BUT pulled back by his guitarists and the rocking going on in the audience. He was such a ham, but so awesomely and totally consummate in his delivery. Would you believe he was really nervous about SF? He rocked the house down and he sang his heart out with all of his songs on the American cd except “Miss America.” Before he or even his first act came on, the background music were unreleased Nick songs but you would never have picked it up if your weren’t listening for it. A real Nicky treat for all of us there. It was his last concert on his very short tour and you know what the BSB do on their last night of touring? They give more than a hundred percent and often throw everything in, including the antics. So the show went through hard rocked tunes then slowed down for Nick to sing his sweeter songs. The thing that impressed me was how you could feel the sincerity in his voice while singing or speaking with the crowd. He thanks all of us for supporting him in his effort to do this type of music and at one point he even made an appeal to the audience. He asked, “Do you all like this music?” Roars of yes. Then he said, “All I ask is that you keep asking for it and tell others.” (My heart breaks when I think about how hard he is having to work, not that he hates it, to get his music out there to the fans. Jive is just sitting on their asses not promoting it hard enough, but is using everything they’ve got to promo Justin’s sh**. It just isn’t fair, but nothing is in the music business.) Anyway Nick just kept on going. Rocking, singing, leading the audience to highs and lows. It was like one big karaoke songfest because everyone there knew his songs, we all knew the Backstreet Boys early stuff which he sang a trio medley of “I Want It That Way,” “Quit Playing Games” and then “Shape of My Heart” only after he accused his accompanist of teasing the audience, even though the only was teasing, was him. He talked to the crowd and said, “Ya know?” and I yelled back, “WHAT?” and he giggled. Then he went on and said it again and so I did the same thing. More giggles. Then after “Shape of My Heart (only a part of it) he said, “You know. . . .” and I finally yelled out again, “WHAT, NICK, WHAT?” and he just stopped and just started to bust up, running his hand through his hair then tossed the towel he had on his shoulders to the stage wings. The audience just cracked up and so did his band. Then he started the steam engine again with more rocker sounds. He even sang one line of a Shania Twain song and said he’d get her then said, “Na, I’m just kidding!” He sang some cover songs from Brian Adams, and Journey and the one song I really felt he was truly singing to all his adoring fans was a song by I can’t remember who, but the words just hit everyone in the audience. “Whatever it takes or how my heart breaks, I will be right here waiting for you.” He had come out to do an encore and he talked about how this was his last stop on an incredible tour and how he wanted to thank “ah so many people but most of all, you the fans.” That’s when he sang this song and we in the audience wanted to scream (which many did) but mostly to listen because after all the rocking, you could still hear how tender his voice was. He didn’t end on a downer. “Help Me” got everyone rocking again. We were up and down, down and up, watching, singing, smiling, yelling. A real emotional work out for sure. Then at the end, our Nickster got slammed or jammed or whatever you want to call it with canned foamed. He had it coming out of his ears, sprayed in his t shirt, his whole entourage was just hugging, laughing and loving. In his show he gave major kudos to his band, SEV and his first act. Nick even played his drums and guitar. Danced, went to his knees and even got his ass wet with water. He was adorable, fun and just awesome to watch. The speakers were jacked up on high and I left feeling high too.

That’s my story. I don’t know how Nick will ever fit inside a BSB shoebox again. He has found his music soul in rock. And I for one am glad he did.

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