Fan Fic Writer Arrested In Britain For Gruesome Girls Aloud Tale

The People reports 34-year-old internet fan fic writer in Tyneside, England was tracked down by detectives from Britain and Interpol for writing a story about kidnapping, raping and butchering , then selling the girl group’s mutilated bodies on eBay. “Yes, I did write the stuff about Girls Aloud and I’m sorry if I caused offense or worry – it wasn’t what I intended,” said the man, who still lives with his parents. “What I wrote was just a fantasy thing. It was harmless.”

Asked why he wrote the fantasy tale about the ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ singers, he said, “I’m not a fan of theirs at all so there’s no real reason I picked them – I just did. I’ve written other articles along the same lines which are not about Girls Aloud or celebrities and which I’ve not been charged over. But I’m not prepared to go into why I write them.” Read more.

The violent and pornographic fictional account at has since been removed.

Update: Darryn Walker has since been cleared of obscenity charges, according to

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One thought on “Fan Fic Writer Arrested In Britain For Gruesome Girls Aloud Tale

  1. Fay says:

    when I read this, I am only 13 but to read something like that to happen to someone that you like or even thinking about your story makes me feel sick : I thought you went too far as you even had me in tears with all the pain they went through in your story and doing all them disgusting things in your story : Why can’t you just make something not to serious and not disgusting like that and you even made it realistic which is sick and is very upsetting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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