Fan Hacking NYLA Website

Contributed Anonymously:

Britney Spears’ restaurant NYLA’s official website: was hacked by a fan lately. The crazy fan, Eldar Golitsin, calling himself “Britney’s slave”, hacked NYLA’s website and left a letter for Britney, telling her how much he loves her. Read on for the letter.

“i’m sorry
Dear Administrator
I shall not do it any more,
But you should me understand as strongly I love the Britney
I can offer you reliable hosting ” for free.. Also I can do you your site “for free”” I am serious!!
Write to me “ok” it only for the sake of the Britney

do not refuse!!! and “Please be not angry with me “I can all restore ”

I love you Britney baby, my love is coming stronger with every day, you are so beautiful, to see you and listen to your music is necessary for me. Britney you know I can not sleep and all time I think of you, about your beauty I dont know such girl as you, it is possible to see only in dreams. On one sent letter I have not received an answer.I certainly understand you have no time at all, but please, do not cause me pain, answering even with one line would be enough. Britney I do not know what I shall do in the future but I just want to let you know that I think of you each day. Thinking of you drives me crazy and makes sleep impossible (I did not sleep almost 3 days because of you, Britney), I want to be with you every second of my life and of yours. I love you Britney I want to be your slave! I worship your gorgeous feet . Please give me such an opportunity. Please answer me Britney I can not live without you, I write to you each day and never receive an answer. I love you my baby, I am ready to do whatever it takes to be with you. Britney My Queen I am your Slave and my life belongs to you, I shall do All that you will tell, I Am ready to die For the sake of you Please answer me. Britney This letter likely will seem to you Silly ) or no.
Posted by Britney’s Slave ————- Eldar Golitsin”

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