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Contrary to popular belief you can tell a lot about someone by who they like. Now, I don’t have a problem with any one artist. But the fans, that is a different story. Fans of one person can give competent and educated reasons for disliking someone, while fans of someone else cannot. Take and fans for example.

A Britney fan will say that Christina is a skank/slut/ho. When questioned they cannot back up their claims and simply repeat what they said before like a parrot. This would probably have something to do with the fact that Christina has been in a monogamous relationship for ages.

A Christina fan will say that Britney is a skank/slut/ho and well the Christina fans that use this Britney fan infantile humor are the lowest class of her fans here, but at least they can back it up. If questioned they give examples and reasons such as her constant bed hopping, partying, uncleanliness etc.

A Britney fan will say that Christina isn’t talented. Then when questioned cannot back it up. May have to do with the fact that everyone she has worked with and more have raved of her skills. Or maybe that she has won four Grammys. Or maybe that even Britney has said “I love the way Christina sings, I wish that I could sing like her” in a People interview and has complemented her on various other occasions.

A Christina fan will say the same and when questioned back it up. Britney wins no serious awards. Many music industry insiders have said that she is not talented. No one to date has praised her singing ability. She has no octave range. She has admitted that singing is not her strong suit.

So I guess while these divas do not argue, the fans (the Britney fans) do not quite get this fact, but then again who could take a Britney fan seriously after visiting this site?

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  1. lekatt says:

    In 2011, Britney still is popular, and btw.. Who is Christina? Xtina had wonderful songs back in early 2000’s (1999-2005), but now she is no one but a boring, old, ugly, irritating, repulsive, forgotten, and an unsuccessful lady. She’s just over. (I used to love her a lot, but let’s admit or not, no one remembers her now.)

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