Fan Meets Nick Carter In Daytona

A fan on the forum at shared her experience of meeting Nick Carter at the Daytona Powerboat Race on Sunday, which Nick’s team happened to win. *I_Wish_Me_You* writes in teenybopper shorthand, “…We see Nick walking down the pier. My friends are like.. omg omg that’s Nick… and he stops and signs something for some girl… most ppl were either on the other end of the pier or upstairs by now.. so there’s not hardly anyone around. So, he gets closer to me.. and I see my friend… frozen. So I walk up to him and ask him for a picture… he waves me over… and yes.. I enter heaven.. LMMFAO. My frozen friend turns around and is like.. omg.. so she runs under Nick’s other arm. And another friend took the picture. Then we took hers with nick.. and she asked Nick to sign her pants.. and he signed her ass! LMAO!”

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