Fan Report From Secret Christina Aguilera Show

christinaFETISH of the forum posted her experience at Red Rock Sollan on Saturday where MTV hosted a secret party for Aguilera. The fan revealed that during rehearsals of her performance, she took a photo and one of Aguilera’s bodyguards asked to see the photo. He wanted the fan to delete it, but they said they only could on their computer, so the bodyguard confiscated the memory chip. Later, when Christina was hanging out in the bar, MTV staffers told the fans not to stare at her. Despite some of the diva-like behavior, Aguilera was “just the sweetest person in the world,” because she signed an autograph on a napkin for her. She added, “As she left I got to say goodbye to her and kinda hold her hand as she walked away. I grabbed it and held it for a bit, as if I weren’t going to see her again. Her hand was very small and coochy LOL! It was warm as well.”

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