Fan Reviews Jessica And Nick USO Concert

Contributed by jessfan:

Kristen and Kathy at the message board writes, “Today we went to the USO performance in Hollywood and it was great! We got let in first cuz we had a military ID and sat in the 2nd row. Nick was on after Nancy Sinatra and he sang 3 songs. He first came out and sang a part of ‘The Hardest Thing’ and ‘Invisible Man’. Then he sang 3 songs off his upcoming solo album: ‘It’s gonna Be Alright’, ‘Shut Up’, and ‘I Swear’. At one point his 4 dancers stripped into their bras and undies and Nick unbuttoned his shirt for the whole world to see. Nick reassured the audience that is NOT broken up! Then Jessica sang 3 songs. She started with ‘I Think I’m In Love’, then ‘I Wanna Love You Forever’ (she serenaded a man) and then ‘Irresistible’. During ‘Irresistible’ she walked through the crowd and shook hands. She was wearing an off the shoulder white and red striped shirt with capri jeans and fire red high heals. She took her heels off during ‘Irresistible’. Then the surprise of the day was Nick came back out and they sang ‘Where You Are.’ It was such a magical moment! We’ll get our pictures developed asap and post them as soon as we can!”

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