Fan Site Explains Ashlee Simpson’s ‘SNL’ Lip-Synching

fan site ‘The Punk Rock Sister’ claims to have obtained the reason why the singer was lip-synching on last night’s ‘Saturday Night Live’.

The posting said:

Alright here is the scoop on what happened. Ashlee’s voice has yet again been acting up. Her performance about 3-4 weeks ago on TRL was canceled when she couldn’t sing. The same thing happened here. She had been singing all day during the sound check and then complained to her voice coach that her throat hurt. Well, he told her to give it a try that they would run the actual vocals off the CD like planned only they would play them a little louder then planned. So Ashlee got out there and started sing to ‘Pieces of Me’ for about the first 15-45 seconds. If you noticed that there is a muffled sound in the beginning of the song and all of a sudden it went clear. Well, the director and Ashlee’s voice coach decided that this was going to damage her voice because she was trying to hard and she has to perform on Monday, so they turned off the mics and turned the amps up. Ashlee was then going to actually sing ‘Autobiography’ the same way they had planned to sing ‘Pieces’ in the beginning but the drummer gave the sound guy the wrong cue. When he hits his sticks together or gives them a beat to start with before they start the song that is so they know when to start and what to play. Well he gave the wrong cue and the band played the right song but the sound guy didn’t. So after realizing that he had messed up the band quickly started to play ‘Pieces’ again and the sound guy quickly turned off ‘Pieces’ and turned on Ashlee’s mic so that she could sing the song. But once again the voice coach said no. So they cranked up the amps and drum mics and let them play while Ashlee was walked off stage not knowing that her mic was on at one point in time so she could sing. So all night they had been having problems with her voice and the equipment. Ashlee apologized for the upset to her fans but really did try her heart out to sing but was cut off mid performance. What a shame. It was reported that Ashlee didn’t want to lip-synch but evidently had no choice in the end. Her voice problem was also a reason for why her ‘Tara Reid’ skit wasn’t aired.

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13 thoughts on “Fan Site Explains Ashlee Simpson’s ‘SNL’ Lip-Synching

  1. EveryoneSucks says:

    oh and as a huge SNL fan and watcher that last sentence bothered me. how do you know that it didn’t air because of her voice?? do you even know how the SNL system works?? they cut sketches out after the dress rehearsal if it sucks, not because someone’s voice wasn’t working. there have been plenty of episodes where a cast member was sick but went and did their sketch anyways. bottom line, Ashlee can’t sing and has no comedic/acting talent. get your facts right moron.

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    seriously. its all so lame. its not a big deal. I’m over it! the person that wrote that acts like they were actually there behind the scenes when in reality…you probably wrote that in your living room. quit trying to act like you know every singe detail of what happened. it was a screw up…face it. ANNOYING!

  3. BLUEGEMINI7 says:

    Sure….. This girl always has trouble with her voice, yes, from the beginning but she can’t really sing anyway. She’s cool but she should stay away from the singing for good. It is not going to work forever. All of her “live” performances have been bad or simply mediocre. How can some people want to be singers when they can’t sing. I don’t get it. They want to get by on lip synching. Props to her though for having a #1 album without any vocal talent.

  4. SpiceSquirrel says:

    What a complicated, long-winded piece of crap! She got busted lip-synching! End of discussion. See how much shorter the truth is than that long stream of lies?

  5. semolina says:

    I was only half paying attention to the first performance of “Pieces Of Me” and I really wasn’t watching close enough to tell that she was lip-synching. Upon a closer inspection of the DVR’d footage, it was obvious that she only sang the first few lines before they cut her mike off completely. Of course, everybody knows what happened in song #2 by now. It WAS the funniest thing I’ve seen happen on live TV in a long time, but you can’t help but feel a little sorry for the girl. It’s not like people have never lip-synched on TV before…she just got caught in a bad way. A seasoned performer (and dare I say, somebody with a little more talent) could have SAVED the moment in a myriad of ways — not the least of which by actually singing the song. They would have taken care of the pre-recorded vocals in a few more seconds and she could have tried to drown it out ALTHOUGH her mic may not even have been on. The little dance she did and the running off the stage is very telling about how prepared she is to really be in this industry. You have to be able to roll with the punches, and she just ran for the hills. Her “band” obviously thought it was hysterical, judging by the looks on their faces. We’ll probably never know if it was a honest-to-goodness accident or if somebody sabatoged her, but she should have kept on running. Instead, she came back at the end of the show and apologized for her BAND PLAYING THE WRONG SONG. Yeah, that’s exactly what the problem was you little weasel. You’re NOT ON THE KIDS CHOICE AWARDS, you’re speaking directly to grown-ups who could clearly see what happened!!! That was pretty damned sad. She’s supposed to perform live on the Radio Music Awards tomorrow night (um, what the ***** bull***** is that???). I am going to have to record that ***** now just to see what she does, if she even shows up and performs. Maybe she’ll be in hiding for awhile now. Regardless, I can’t wait to see the “official” spin that comes out this week. The message boards on her own website are hysterical today and I can’t believe that they haven’t been taken down.

  6. cire62 says:

    OH please Geffen (her record company) has already released a statement and they NEVER mentioned voice problems. Geffen’s story and Ashlee’s story don’t even jive with each other. Its a pathetic fan trying to make excuses up.

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    What’s the big deal? Does anybody even really care if an artist lip-synchs or not anymore? Pretty much every pop artist does it, what difference does it make if Ashlee Simpson does it too?

  8. cire62 says:

    It shouldn’t happen at all! I’m sorry but people shouldn’t ***** about the music industry and it lacking talent when they don’t care when an artist lip-synch’s . If people want quality talent in the music industry they have to DEMAND IT not just bend over and take whatever crap record companies throw at them.

  9. DroppedBurger says:

    It’s not about lip syching it’s about the fact that she can’t sing! I’ve never seen her sing live ever and on her show she sounded terrible like she was screaming. It’s obvious they worked some studio magic on her cd. Even my brother said I could sing better than her and I’m not even a singer! haha Stupid girl got caught in the act and then tries to blame it on someone else. Stupid spoiled who re just like her sister. I bet Joe Simpson beat her after the performance!

  10. XxmissyxX says:

    I just wanna mention a lil something about how different Jessica and Ashlee are as performers. here’s a fun lil example: at the wango tango concert back in May, Jessica accidentally started singing the second verse to “i think I’m in love with you” instead of singing the first verse…..but the thing is, unless you knew that song, you would’ve never been able to tell she sang it wrong. why? because she handled it like a professional performer and kept on singing. she never even mentioned the mistake! lol. so I think she handled it correctly. No running off the stage for her! the crowd loved her. As for her lito sister….she’s got a lot to learn from big sis! seriously.

  11. alaskanblue says:

    I agree, her slinking offstage after her “hoedown” hanging her band out to dry was inexcusable! I didn’t see how the first song went, but I saw the clip of the second one. All she had to do despite being surprised by the recorded vocal coming in early was hold the mic up to her mouth to “save” the song! (that is if it WAS early, I’ve heard the song but can’t remember the intro) Rule #1, don’t walk off the stage in the middle of a song…and don’t badmouth your band! Pretty disgusting all the way around…I don’t think she really deserves a career, the only reason why she’s got a contract is because of her sister.

  12. Meggz75 says:

    I watched the whole thing… I even taped it so I went back to watch it again since I was rather confused as to why she didn’t sing the last song. It is obvious she was going to sing but then her band got confused and played the wrong song…***** happens like that and most people move on. I am sure we all have made mistakes that we hope people will laugh about and move on. BUT I doubt Ashlee will have the same opportunity because for some reason the public and/or the media will beat this beyond belief. IF you have seen her show, you will know that she has had problems with her voice and even had work done to correct the problem. It is NOT unbelievable that her problem arose again. She was right to blame her band because they did start the wrong song, she was ready to sing Autobiography. What pisses me off about this is those who are bashing her and being overly critical of her most likely did not see the show to even know what the hell they are talking about. They just want to talk crap about someone. I feel for Ashlee. It has to break her heart that after you worked so damn hard to get where you want to be and then something crazy happens that is out of your control and all hell breaks lose, jeopardizing it all. I have been there and I know how she feels. But it seemed that she took it in stride, personally, I would have thrown a diva fit. BUT she handled it well. I am sure afterwards she was very upset about it all. I pray that all this will die down and Ashlee’s success can continue on without any further problems.

  13. Corey Groves says:

    I just wanted to say that I love Ashlee Simpson’s music with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life listening to it because her music has been the best thing that has ever happened to me ever since she came into the music industry back in 2004. I would be lost if she ever decides to stop making music because making music is what she lives for. It shouldn’t matter to anybody out there if Ashlee got caught lip-synching on Saturday Night Live because not only that it happened back in 2004 and that she only did it once, also because she acid reflux and her throat was hurting her while she was singing her hit single, “Pieces Of Me” off of her, “Autobiography” album. I think that Ashlee looks a lot more prettier than my wife does (her name is also Ashley and she is a royal bitch) and I wish that I was married to her instead. I feel so sorry for Ashlee because it breaks her heart that she lost a lot of fans and that a lot of people out there are still bashing her for what happened, and they all need to move forward and shake it off like she did. There are a lot of Pop music artists in the music industry and in this generation who still lip-synchs and they didn’t get bashed for doing that, which seems so unfair. She didn’t get famous because of her sister, Jessica either, she stepped out of Jessica’s shadow from being one of her back up dancers to becoming a Pop music artist who signed a contract to Geffen Records, and by singing and writing songs that comes from her own personal experiences. I really think that she can sing and she doesn’t have to use any auto tone to prove to anybody out there that she can sing. She is only focusing on her true fans because they are the ones who are supporting her by buying her music and by going to her concerts. I will guard and protect her heart from breaking and I will also catch her tears when they fall because I’m one of her most biggest fans who really enjoys listening to her music. She isn’t a loser and she isn’t fake, she is real and honest. End of story.

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