Fan Talks With Sarah Martin Following Mint Performance

A fan on the Backstreet Boys message board claims to have spoken to AJ McLean’s fiance Sarah Martin following her performance at The Mint in Hollywood on Saturday. Shan4BSB writes, “Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go because I had a wedding to go to in Laguna Beach. But all of my friends went to the show and they said it was amazing, that Sarah did an incredible job! They talked to her for a while after the show and they called me on my cell when they were talking to her and put her on the phone. She was SO NICE!!! I told her that I wished I could have been there but that it was not possible, or else I would have gone and also that I thought she had an incredible voice. She said ‘Oh, thank you so much sweetie and I’m sorry you couldn’t make it tonight’ I talked to her for a little bit and told her that I would be going to her shows in September and she was REALLY sweet!! When we got off of the phone, she said ‘Okay sweetie, I’ll see you in September.’ I’ve always liked Sarah and always thought that she was really talented but now after speaking with her, it confirms to me that she is very genuine and appreciates her fans.”

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