Fans Camp Out In New York For In The Zone’

Reuters reports five hundred people, some who had waited three days outside the Virgin Megastore, were ushered into a room where they would meet on Tuesday and get their copies of ‘In The Zone’ autographed by the singer. “Nothing Britney does could suck,” said Jessica Mullen, one of the first in line. Nearby were Mirta Delacruz and her 16-year-old son, Charles, who had been in line since Sunday after flying in from Miami expressly for the chance to meet Spears. “He’s a loyal Britney fan and I’m his mom and I’m here and supporting him. She’s a good role model,” she said.

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One thought on “Fans Camp Out In New York For In The Zone’

  1. hellahooked says:

    wow awesome!! Go Britney!! I wouldn’t wait three days though

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