Fans Contributing For 1000 Roses For Carlton

fans are being asked to contribute to a fund to buy 1000 roses for Vanessa’s April 30 appearance on MTV’s Total Request Live, the same day her debut album ‘Be Not Nobody’ is released.

Praises Her Message Board Audience

April 16, 2002 – Vanessa spoke with Katrillion about how fans finding inspiration to learn piano has become very gratifying for the artist. Carlton said, “When fans leave me messages on the message board, the things they say are incredible. I blush when they say things like, ‘I started playing piano again, I started writing.’ It’s something I can give to people.”

Admits Leno Performance Wasn’t Her Best

April 13, 2002 – Vanessa checked in with fans on her official site’s message board on Saturday where she briefly commented on some fans criticism of her performance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday. Carlton wrote, “Hey, just got back from a beautiful hike with a friend and two smelly hilarious dogs. I really miss not being [able] to do a whole show. I wish I could play for at least 45 minutes. Leno was cool, but it all goes by so quick. Leno is such the friendly man. I suppose some of you guys heard my nerves. It wasn’t the best vocal I’ve ever done, but I thought it sounded cool. I really do love to sing ‘A Thousand Miles’. Can’t wait to sing acoustic on TRL. You guys make me feel like such the lucky girl. I love my fans more than anything. You guys are the reason why I do what I do. Much love and peace. Vanessa.”

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5 thoughts on “Fans Contributing For 1000 Roses For Carlton

  1. soBeautiful says:

    That is such a sweet thing!

    She is very deserving of such awesome fans.

  2. kissforlance says:

    Not trying to be mean, but why? Is there a reason for 1000? Just curious!

  3. Wannabe_Star says:

    I’m pretty sure the 1000 comes from the first release off the album “1000 Miles.”

  4. kissforlance says:

    Oh! Thanks! That makes sense. Hope they can do it. I’ll be watching.

  5. justinzgirl82 says:

    that’s a really sweet idea but wouldn’t the money be better spent if you gave it to a charity or something in her name…you know those flowers are just going to die but you could help out more if you donated the money….just an idea:)

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