Fans Meet Mariah Carey In Dallas

A fan on the now defunct fan site website shared his story of meeting at a meet and greet in Dallas on Friday. Joseph writes, “Well, out came Mariah. She looked at me in the eyes and hugged me. Then we all sat down next to her and I sat RIGHT BESIDE THE WOMAN! AHHH! I WAS NEXT TO HER! SHE HELD MY HAND FOR A MINUTE! We were passing the mic around and I was the first to ask her a question and said ‘Mariah, I was watching Cribs and I wanted to ask you something… why was your friggin dog in the dryer!!??’ She laughed hard!” Then another fan caused Mariah to laugh when she showed Mariah a ‘Wisegirls’ parody of Mariah holding a gun to Jennifer Lopez’s head. Mariah said, “We love everybody!”

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