Fans Offer Support For Struggling Enrique Iglesias

Fans on Enrique Iglesias’ official message board posted words of encouragement for the singer after he skipped a scheduled appearance on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday, and has been getting poor reviews on his current U.S. tour in the face of poor sales of his latest album, ‘7’. Admiradorauna writes, “I hear how some people are disappointed in his performances. Someone told be that he really hasn’t been feeling well and is was quite sick last night at the Atlantic City concert. Today, he did not show up for his TRL appearance. I think right now instead of being angry at him we should be concerned for him. You know he would not give a bad performance on purpose. Right now I think he may need our prayers more then our votes, I really think the poor sales of ‘7’ are affecting him. He has never known failure. I think he is really hurting right now. You know you can not stay angry at him for long no matter how he may disappoint you. I just ask you to remember Enrique tonight before you go to sleep whether in you prayers of just in your thoughts. All is not well in Enriqueville right now, but together we will get through this bump in the road.”

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