Fans React To Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey Engagement

Fans on the official site message board for reacted to news that her 98 Degrees boyfriend asked her to marry him and her acceptance. Simpson family message board ‘spokesperson’ AJessFriend commented, “Thanks, Jess, for sharing this news with your message board family. As you are aware, the mb has supported you and Nick without fail. This announcement makes us happy, because it makes you happy. On a personal level, it chokes me up a little, to think that the little girl I met years ago is all grown up and about to be married.” Other fans shared in offering their congratulations.

Jessica Simpson & Mother Fly First Class

February 7, 2002 – E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports was spotted with her mother flying from Dallas to Los Angeles in first class. Upon arriving at LAX, a run-of-the mill driver greeted the singer who was wearing hip hugger jeans and tall platform shoes. Jessica reportedly “couldn’t keep her eyes from wandering over to a particularly lovey-dovey couple.”

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